My name is Adam and I started my trading journey back in 2013. That trading started with a Groupon I received from Bulls On Wall Street, which is what started my journey into the world of stock trading. I began learning about Equities and eventually stumbled onto Options.

I use to trade days off or while on vacation, I had varying success and nothing was consistent. Over time I started developing a sharp eye for technical analysis (TA) and identifying areas of support / resistance. I started developing a deeper understanding of TA and how to trade setups profitably, but after a few stubborn losses I realized that I couldn’t be in front of the computer all the time and needed to find a better way to trade.

I started swing trading and after I had increased my account 18%, I had an overnight hit to one of my positions (ticker: Z), and the stock opened the next day way below my stop. I ended up giving back all of my previous gains and realized that I didn’t like the overnight risk with swing trades.

Many months later I was thirsty for more and came across John Locke and his website LockeInYourSuccess, I signed up and am now being mentored by Dave Thomas.